Thank you for choosing Leanne Marshall to make your wedding gown. We are honored to be a part of your special day and we are eager to begin constructing your dream gown.


Please allow approximately 20 weeks for the production of your gown. Because they are hand-made, there may be small discrepancies between your product and the sample.

Sizing/Dress Length
All dresses are made to our standard size chart.

We are happy to include an approximate hem, if you happen to know your heel height upon ordering. If not, the dress will be made at the standard length and you can take it to your local tailor for a hem. When we provide an approximate hem we do err on the longer side, in case you need room for alterations. Further adjustments to the approximate hem lengths may be needed to achieve desired length, and that may require the services of your tailor. 

  • SIZE...........Bust..............Waist

  • 0............31-32”.............. 24-25”

  • 2............32-33”............25-26”

  • 4............33.5-34.5”...... 26-27“

  • 6............34.5-35.5”....... 27-28”

  • 8............35.5-36.5”.......28-29”

  • 10...........36.5-37.5”......29-30”

  • 12...........38-39”...........31-32”

  • 14...........40-41”..........33-34”

  • 16...........42-43”......35-36”

  • 18...........44-45”.......37-38”

  • 20...........46-47”.......39-40”

  • 22...........48-49”.......41-42”

No measurements can be changed or altered 48 hours after the order has been placed. If you decide to change elements of your dress or choose a different dress -- 48 hours after purchase we may accommodate your request but you will be responsible for the varying time and material costs.


As much as we would love to, we do not offer alterations in-house. To ensure a perfect fit, you should expect to have alterations done by a tailor. Leanne Marshall, Inc. is not responsible for changes in size due to weight gain or loss nor do we cover the cost of tailoring in any circumstances. 
If do not match your original size choice at the time of pick up, due to loss, gain or as a result of toning this all can be addressed in the tailoring process. Substantial weight loss or gain may require a major alteration. Please contact us if you will need to purchase any additional materials and we can assist you. If you would like a tailor suggestion in NYC, we recommend, Sew Elegant (212)764-1701.


We accept cash, cashier checks and credit card payments. A 50% payment is required at the time of purchase. The remaining payment is due when your dress is complete. We allow a grace period of 10 days for you to pick up your dress or have it shipped. We have a small working studio, so unfortunately we cannot store dresses once they are complete. If after 30 days and 3 means of contact we do not hear from you, your dress will be considered abandoned and you will forfeit your deposit.


All bridal dresses/gowns and accessories are made to order, so unfortunately we do not accept any returns or exchanges. We allow a 48-hour window from the time of order submission for a full-can- cellation and refund. After that, if you choose to cancel your order, you will still be responsible for the purchase price.

Returns and Refunds

48 hours after the order has been submitted, we do not offer refunds. All dresses are a final sale.

Bridezilla/Momzilla/Friendzilla Clause
We love our brides, but we also love our peaceful working environment. We reserve the right to refuse service to any client, at any point, if our working relationship becomes hostile or harassing. We will bend over backwards to meet your needs, but all requests must be handled with respect. If wedding nerves get the best of you, your family or your friends, and at any point it is taken out on us, we will give you one written warning prior to terminating our relationship. In these cases, we will refund 90% of the nal cost of the dress.

Rush Orders

Rush options are available, but they must be requested when the order is placed.
Our rush schedule is as follows.
14 weeks— $100 12 week—$175 10 week--$250 8 week—$350 6 week—$500 4 week--$850

Return Visits

We are a working studio with a very tight schedule and only one tting room, so once a dress is purchased, we cannot accept additional appointments to visit the dress, compare it to shoes and accessories, or show friends and relatives. We know you are excited, and we are too, but the more time we book with each bride, the less time we have to work on the dress. We do not show “in pro- cess” dresses to our clients. An un nished garment is not always attractive and we nd it is better to see the nal product.

We are overjoyed that you have chosen us. If at any point you have a question, please send an email to LeanneMarshallDesigns@gmail.com. We will respond within 72 hours.

Your dress will be ready approximately 20 weeks after order date (unless a rush is applied)  You are welcome to schedule your pick up after that date. We accommodate pick-up’s on Thursday, Fridays and before 10:30am on Saturday. If you have any questions, please contact us via email so that we have a written record of all our interactions. Our email address is info@leannemarshall.com. 


By signing this agreement, you agree to all the terms and policies of Leanne Marshall, INC. You also acknowl- edge that you are purchasing a gown that has been made by hand and could have small variances from the original.



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