NYFW SS18 inspiration


Inspiration sometimes comes from the strangest of places. When I started seeking concepts for my #Ss18 collection, I was utterly stuck. The only single thing that kept catching my eye on my commute to/from work were those green temporary construction walls in NYC with the clear diamond windows. For two months I kept trying to find anything else more interesting than these dumb diamond walls that I surely couldn't base a collection on. After enough time wasted, I just decided to go with it. I always love peeking into those windows to catch a glimpse of what's going on behind (usually just another condo building). Walking home one sweltering hot summer day, I had the thought that what if behind one of these walls was a hidden, secret tropical pool paradise, and the diamond window that I peek through was a portal to escape daily reality into utopia. One minute on the sweaty, bustling city streets and the next you're floating on a flamingo float in your own private oasis. It was a dumb, insignificant diamond window that piqued my interest, and while you'll see diamond and wall prints playing throughout the collection, the main theme of it all is escapism. With all the current events lately, I think many of us would like to try and imagine brighter days beyond. ☀️

Leanne Marshall